About Canst Corp

Canadian Smart Technology Corp. is a company that specializes in Smart Home, Application Development, and IT Services and Consulting. We are a solutions provider in the realm of Smart Technology, IoT (Internet of Things), and IT.

CANST Corp designs, develops, and manufactures electronic systems with basis in both Cable and Wireless products. Our Smart Home focus is on intelligent solutions for controlling and managing residential and commercial buildings. Based on the KNX standards we provide intelligent solutions for Security, Lighting Control, HVAC Control, and Energy Conservation.

CANST Corp offers premium mobile application development services for IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

CANST Corp provides IT Services and Consulting to small-large scale companies. From the aspect of building, securing, and supporting – we have got you covered. We use the appropriate knowledge, experience and tech resources to get the job done on time and on budget.

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