Power Supply

Input voltage: 95V ~255 Vac,47~63Hz
Power loss: <6 W
Efficiency: 75%


EIB/KNX output (PSU): 1 line with integrated choke

EIB/KNX nominal voltage

30 V DC +1/–2 V, SELV

Auxiliary voltage output

1 (without choke)

Auxiliary voltage

30 V DC +1/–1 V, SELV

EIB/KNX nominal current

(Total of EIB/KNX and auxiliary voltage output)
640mA, short-circuit-proof

Sustained short-circuit current

< 1.3 A

Mains failure back-up time



EIB/KNX output

Bus connection terminal (black/red)


Auxiliary voltage output

connection terminal (yellow/grey)



on 35mm DIN rail



EIB / KNX voltage output, via bus connection terminal (black/red)

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