Starter Package – Smart Home

Starter Package – Smart Home


You have the option to add additional Smart Home features to your chosen package. 

We make it convenient for our clients! You have the option of paying up front or choosing a monthly plan that works for you. 

No shipping fee required. 

After your purchase of a given package, our experienced experts will be in contact with you to schedule an initial assessment and installation date.  



  • Honeywell Thermostat
  • Lutron lighting (up to two washrooms)

This package is designed to allow small home owners to benefit from the two most noted Smart Home features. This package allows home owners to remotely control their Thermostat and control the time of Lighting for up to two washrooms, from anywhere at anytime. Such investment allows for a saving average of up to 20% on combined heating and cooling costs. The smart lighting feature of this package encompasses dimmers, motion sensor, and timer for both lights and the washroom fans.



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